Matt or Basket Weave

Matt or Basket Weave, a weaving technique that has captured the hearts of artisans and enthusiasts for generations.Basket is another plain weave variation.

Matty Wave, Basket Weave or  Matt Weave

The weave is the varent of Plain Weave Which follows the same pattern as the warp yarns, with the weft running under one and over the next, creating a checkerboard look.

Properties of Basket Woven Fabrics

DurabilityStrong and long-lasting
TextureDistinctive basket-like feel
PatternForms a checkerboard design
VersatilityUsed in handbags, upholstery, accessories
CraftsmanshipRequires skilled weaving
MaintenanceRelatively easy to care for
Unique AppearanceAesthetic and eye-catching
Artisan’s TouchCarries the mark of craftsmanship


The main difference between a “matt” and a “basket weave” is how the yarns are put together. In a basket weave, nearby yarns are bunched up, like they’re in pairs or sometimes even more. They get woven like they’re just one piece. This makes the fabric look like it’s made in a basket pattern, which is why it’s called a basket weave.

Now, when it comes to “matt” weaves, there are two types: irregular and regular. In irregular matt weaves, the weaving pattern isn’t the same in all directions, both side to side and up and down. In regular matt weaves, the pattern is the same in both directions, so it’s even.

Some Example of Basket weave:

An Encyclopedia of Duck Clothing Fabric

Duck Fabric

Duck cloth, used for items like heavy-duty aprons and workwear, is frequently woven in a basket weave. It’s known for its durability and strength.

An Encyclopedia of Oxford Cloth Fabric, its History, Production Methods And More

Oxford Cloth

Oxford cloth is a popular choice for dress shirts. It is known for its softness and durability, and the basket weave adds a subtle texture to the fabric.

An Encyclopedia of Fabric Clothing Fabric, its History, Production Methods And More


Canvas fabric often features a basket weave structure, which contributes to its durability and strength. It is commonly used for items like tote bags, and tents.

An Encyclopedia of Oxford Cloth Fabric, its History, Production Methods And More


The familiar texture of denim jeans is achieved through a basket weave pattern. The warp and weft threads interlace in a way that creates the characteristic diagonal ribbing.

An Encyclopedia of Twill Cloth Fabric, its History, Production Methods And More

Twill Fabric

Some twill fabrics utilize a basket weave pattern to create a distinct texture. These fabrics often have a diagonal pattern, like herringbone, which is commonly used for suit jackets.

Fabrics that are woven out with the variations

An Encyclopedia of Chiffon Silk Fabric Cloth, its History, Production Methods And More

Chiffon Silk

Chiffon, from the French word for “rag,” is a sheer, elegant fabric woven loosely with tightly twisted yarns. It’s flexible, soft, and made from silk, cotton, nylon, polyester, or rayon. Often used in dresses, scarves, and more, chiffon’s delicate appearance conceals its strength.


Georgette fabric has twisted threads that crinkle when woven, creating a slightly sheer appearance due to thin threads. It’s strong and durable, unlike many other silks. Being highly permeable, georgette can be dyed in various colors or printed with patterns.

An Encyclopedia of Shantung Fabric Cloth, its History, Production Methods And More

Shantung Fabric

Shantung has a shiny and crisp surface, sometimes with slubs (soft, thick nubs in the yarn). It’s made from wild silk with little sericin removed, making it thick and affordable compared to more processed silk.

An Seersucker: 
Encyclopedia of seersucker Fabric Cloth, its History, Production Methods And More


Seersucker fabric is made by tensioning some yarns tightly and leaving others loose. The loose ones puff up, creating a bumpy texture. Seersucker is usually striped, often in blue and white, but it comes in various colors. It’s a light, puckered cotton fabric.

Applications Beyond Compare

Matt or Basket Weave is favored in crafting exceptional items. Its textured charm graces handbags, totes, and accessories with a timeless elegance. It’s equally at home in upholstery, where it adds a touch of luxury to furniture. You’ll also find it enhancing home decor, making a bold statement with its rich texture.

Caring for Your Matt or Basket Weave Treasures

Maintaining the beauty of Matt or Basket Weave products is a simple but vital endeavor. Proper care and cleaning will keep these cherished items looking their best, ensuring they remain heirlooms for generations to come. We’ll provide you with practical advice on preserving the texture and luster.

Wrapping Up

Matt or Basket Weave is not just a textile; it’s a tradition, a work of art, and a testament to the beauty of craftsmanship.


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